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How to install SSH For SCO OpenServer 5.0.5 and higher


SSH for SCO Unix eliminates the need for telnet and increases security.

To install download the required below packages (from SCO):

Note: The above packages may have higher versions available since printing of this KB article as it will not be revised.


Order of packages to install:

1) zlib-1.1.4-VOLS.tar

2) prngd-0.9.23-VOLS.tar

3) openssh-3.4p1-VOLS.tar

Install Instructions:

1. Download required packages from SCO.

2. Make a TEMP directory for each package.

3. Change directory into the TEMP directory for the package you want to untar.

4. Run the following command to untar files:

tar xvf [path to tar file]

5. After the packages are untarred into their separate TEMP directories, run ‘custom’.

6. Choose ‘Software’

7. Choose ‘Install New’

8. Choose ‘From Host’

9. Select ‘Media Image’ as your Media Device.

10. Type in the path to the proper TEMP directory for the package you are installing.

11. Select software to install.

After all 3 packages are installed OpenSSH will be running on port 22 (by default).

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