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Unixware 7® brings Power, Value, Stability, and Reliability to Your Business!

SCO’s award winning, state of the art UNIX® operating system. It is the mature and proven operating system to support your most critical line of business applications, yet is affordably priced to host all computer needs.

UnixWare 7 Definitive delivers rock-solid performance backed by support meaning applications work like they’re supposed to, administration is simpler, and business runs smoothly.

UnixWare 7 Definitive 2018 Features

  • IPSEC, OpenSSL and OpenSSH. Safeguard your corporate
    LAN from outside intruders and ensure the privacy and
    integrity of data transmitted over the Internet.
  • Hot plug memory support. Add additional memory without
    a reboot.
  • Java support. Application developers can take advantageof the features in Java and users will have moreapplications available.
  • ACPI hyperthreading for Intel chipset, network & video drivers, sound support, and more.
  • Multiple personalities. Run non-UnixWare applications innative mode to reduce and control operating costs


Enhanced security features help secure transmission of information over the Internet and protect your internal network from outside intrusion. IPSEC provides VPN services and OpenSSL and OpenSSH allow for secure transmission.
A Pluggable Authentication Module lets system administrators define custom authentication procedures for various system services.

Development Kit

The UnixWare 7 Definitive development kit contains C and C++ compilers and the graphical debugging tool that enables the rapid development of applications for UnixWare 7 Definitive.

Over 25-years’ experience in the specialization in SCO® Unix Support and SCO® Unix Virtualization on Virtual Servers.

Our industry-leading consultants combine professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail to help you with server migrations, deployments, and replication.

UnixWare 7 Virtulization and Unixware Upgrades are optimized to run in a virtualized VMware environment and lets
you easily have a Virtual Machine launched and configured within an hour. In addition to energy savings and
lower capital expenditures, virtualization provides higher resource availability, better desktop management, increased
security, and improved disaster recovery.

UnixWare 7 Support and SCO Unix Support is available
with flexible break/fix support
tailored to your business
requirements. Additional services
such as OpneServer support and Unix 24×7 support and one hour response are available.

Your Trusted Source For Xinuos SCO® Unix Support, Service, and Sales

Your Trusted Source For
Xinuos SCO® Unix Support, Service, and Sales

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