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After changing the IP address on my SCO Unix server running SAMBA as an NT domain controller I can no longer connect to the the SAMBA NT domain or add PCs into the domain

I also see an error in the nmbd.log (/var/log/samba) showing an error finding the master browser at the old IP address.

The wins.dat file contains the old IP address as the master browser and needs to be purged.

Stop the SAMBA nmbd & smbd services. Either using the command line or with web enabled swat https://server:901.

Change directory to /opt/K/SCO/samba/3.0.20Ad/var/lib/samba (or to the correct version in this case it is 3.0.2)

Redirect null into the wins.dat file (from command line enter: > wins.dat)

Restart the SAMBA server or reboot.

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