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How to recover data from a SCO Unix Hard Drive when the SCO Unix Hard Drive crashed?

Solution: If tar or cpio are used to perform a SCO Unix Backup the system can be recovered however it may need to be repaired by a SCO Unix Support technician as the symbolic link and certain system files such as pipe files will not be backed up unless the proper options were used on cpio. Typically a re-installation of the OS is performed and then the system is restored using the files on the tar (Tape Archive) or cpio.

It is imperative that once the drive has been determined to be faulty it is recovered by a SCO Unix Support professional with SCO Unix experience. This is even more imperative when a RAID environment is used.

If regular full system backups occur it would be easier to replace the drive and restore the system and data.

SCO Unix data recovery can be tricky. Even more so if there are not any recent backups. It is best to contact a company specializing in SCO Unix Support for SCO Unix tech support.

If you would like us to restore lost data or recover a SCO Unix Hard drive or perform SCO Unix data recovery please contact us. International and Domestic call 707-SCO-UNIX ( 707-726-8649 ), or Toll Free 833-SCO-UNIX ( 833-726-8649 )

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