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What are common SCO Unix to Linux commands?

Problem: What are common SCO Unix to Linux commands?


  • The HOME dir for root is: /root rather than as with SCO.
  • By default root cannot login except form the console.  To change this edit the /etc/security to add individual ttys or remove the file to allow all
  • The default HOME directory for all other users is /home.
    To change this, edit /etc/default/useradd
  • The default .profile for all new users is loaded from the /etc/skel dir
  • The default login shell is bash rather than sh, but /bin/sh is linked to bash, so shell scripts that call #!/bin/sh should be OK.
  • If you delete a user’s password by running passwd -d <user>, you can’t assign a passwd to this user until you edit the /etc/passwd file and add “!!” in the password field.
  • Login prompt settings are in /etc/issue and doing a man on mingetty gives a plethora of options for information to be included in the login prompt (i.e. tty name, date, time, etc.)
  • root cannot login via ftp unless you edit the /etc/ftpusers file and remove root.
  • Pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del on the console will reboot the system.  To prevent this edit the /etc/inittab and comment out the section referencing ctrl+alt+del.
  • There is no pg command. Alias or link less to pg.
  • To Alias use the following in the .profile:
    alias rm=’rm -i’
    alias cp=’cp -i’
    alias mv=’mv -i’
    alias l=’ls -l’
    alias more=’less’
    alias pg=’less’
    LESS=”-sec -P u/d UP/DOWN 1/2 page, f/b FORWRD/BACK 1 page, g/G TOP/BOTTOM, q QUIT\:”; export LESS
  • cat the info in the /proc dir yields tons of useful info.
  • Log messages are in the dir /var/log and have the files: dmesg (for boot-up messages) and messages (for error and status messages) and secure (for login attempts).
  • To have the BS and Del keys behave normally (SCO-like) on the console, run:# /usr/bin/loadkeys << EOF
    keycode 14 = Back Space
    keycode 111 = Delete
    # stty intr 0177
  • The loadkeys command can be put in the rc.d routines and the stty in the .profiles.
  • There are only 6 console multi-screens by default, more can be added by modifying /etc/inittab and /etc/securetty (to allow root logins on terminals other than the console and on the console for ttys higher than tty8).
  • The SCSI tape device nodes are /dev/st[0-31] (rewind on close) and /dev/nst[0-31] (no rewind on close).
  • The SCSI CD-ROM device names are /dev/scd[0-31]
  • The commands procinfo and pstree -Ghpu give very good system information.
  • The SCO haltsys command can be aliased to halt. There is also a reboot command.
  • The timeout for autoboot is set in /etc/lilo.conf and is in tenths of a second.
  • The scoadmin Administration tool is linuxconf.
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